What attracted you to working as a research assistant for Guernsey Electricity?

Working for Guernsey Electricity offers the opportunity to make very positive progressive changes for the island.

The energy industry used to be a slow lumbering beast that has barely changed since it came into existence. This is no longer the case, with change occurring incredibly fast, GEL is changing to prepare for the future energy generation and demand.

What does your current role at Guernsey Electricity involve?

My day-to-day work involves researching advances in technology. We use this information to make strategic decisions about the future of electricity on the island. For example, should we invest in a new subsea cable connecting us directly to France, or battery storage or both! We need to keep up to speed on electric vehicles, smart grids, renewable energy generation and energy storage.

What is the most interesting part of the job?

Research on electric vehicles (EVs), definitely. The benefits of EVs for Guernsey Electricity, its customers and the island in the near term are quite extraordinary. You can find out more here.

In the mid-term (less than 15 years), EV’s will form an integral part of the future energy grid. Unlike petrol or diesel cars, EVs could actually provide services back to the electricity grid when not in use.

What are you working on right now?

I produced a report in 2016 on EVs, which now requires updating as technology has advanced at quite a rate.

In the 2016 report, I predicted that 2017 would be the first year we’d see a rapid increase in EV ownership as a new series of affordable cars became available. I believe that we’ll continue to see more electric vehicles on the roads as they are key to enabling a lower carbon future, autonomous transport and reduced system costs.

What do you think the future holds for Guernsey’s energy market?

The traditional model of centralised energy generation and distribution is coming to a close. More homes are producing their own energy. I think there will be an increase in large and small-scale rooftop solar, energy storage (batteries), EVs and potentially in the distant future, floating wind turbines in Guernsey.

In light of these changes, we need to secure the ability to import low-carbon electricity, while ensuring there is sufficient on-island generation and a secure electricity supply that is affordable and minimises impact to the environment.

GEL is an exciting place to work at the moment as we strive to meet the island’s needs and be at the forefront of advances in technology.


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