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Heat Loss

Heat Loss is the total amount of heat lost through the fabric of your building - such as roof, walls and windows.

IMPORTANT: You should never rely on your old fossil-fuel boiler’s output to select the size of your new electric boiler.
Always insist on a heat-loss calculation.

Googling the output of a heating system is easy. But you should always buy boilers in line with your entire property’s individual heat loss.

This can be done room-by-room for electric panel radiators.

Insulating walls, roof spaces, and other air leakage hotspots will slash heat loss. This means wasting less money replacing all that precious warmth.

And your investment in good-quality insultation makes a positive contribution to fighting global temperature increases.

Heat Loss in home

How is Heat Loss Calculated?

Our experienced energy sales team will visit your home and take measurements of all your rooms, window sizes and doors. During the visit they will where possible determine the construction of walls, floors and roofs, as well as the type of window glazing - single, double, etc. 

These specific measurements are then entered into our heat loss calculator, along with the type of property construction as identified above. Each type of construction has a heat loss value.

For example a single-block construction wall has a much higher heat-loss value than a single-block construction wall with a 50-mm thermaboard installed. 

The final calculation will give the heat-loss per room and for your whole property. These values will then be used in your bespoke quote to ensure you have the correct sized electric heating boiler, or the correctly-sized electric panel rads for individual rooms. 

If you haven't already, speak to us about a free home survey.