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Underfloor Heating

Wet System

A wet underfloor heating system requires a fuel boiler to heat water up to a defined temperature and then circulate it through a manifold to each room of your property that requires heating. Electric boilers can facilitate this system in the form of a Flow Boiler, a Combination boiler or a Heat Pump. Each heating zone in your property should be fitted with its own thermostat which controls the air temperature of that room.

Each thermostat links to the wet system’s manifold and to one, or more, of the valves on the manifold. This valve will open to let hot water into a specific room’s system to provide heat, if required. This heat is generated from the central heating boiler. When the thermostat is satisfied the room temperature is achieved, the valve on the manifold will close and the central heating boiler will switch off.

Further control can be added to the system by adding a programmer to the electric central heating boiler. The programmer can be set so that the central heating boiler only operates in the low rate of the electricity tariff. Furthermore, the programmer can allow you to set ideal times of day that central heating is needed so to ensure the heating isn’t left on when nobody is home, all of which helps save on electric heating bills.

Dry System

An electric dry heating system involves electric cables being laid under a room’s flooring which are then attached to a room thermostat. If the thermostat is asked to achieve a specific temperature and the room is currently colder than required, the underfloor cable creates heat which transfers through the floor. Once the room thermostat is satisfied the desired temperature is achieved, the heating turns itself off.

Each room should have its own underfloor heating cable attached to a thermostat. Furthermore, the room thermostat can be upgraded to a programmable thermostat which allows each room to have individual time settings that the heating will be turned on and off. These times can then be set to work inside the low rate hours of your electricity tariff which helps save on electric heating bills.


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