The annual event saw 600 pupils and staff walk a combined 6,500 miles from Pleinmont to Pembroke with support from both Guernsey Electricity and Rossborough.

Liz Dale, St Sampson’s Head Teacher confirmed the event had been the most successful for numbers of participants and monies raised and was grateful for the contributions from the two companies.

‘This year’s walk ranks as the best walk so far and we would like to thank Rossborough and Guernsey Electricity for providing t-shirts, bags and provisions for all. The total raised and donated was £5,500, the largest amount since we started in 2014, and as more students took part than in previous years, it made for a great day out.’

Ian Stewart, managing director at Rossborough Guernsey, said: ‘We really enjoyed getting involved in the challenge in what was our fifth year of sponsorship, so much so that I might ask Liz if we can send some of our staff along to walk in 2019!’

Clare Packman, Communications Manager at Guernsey Electricity, commented, ‘It was thrilling to see even more students involved in such a healthy group activity this year, particularly when it raises money for a truly acclaimed educational scheme.’

The Accelerated Reading Scheme provides students with regular feedback which motivates them to progress their reading skills and make informed decisions to guide future learning. Funding from monies donated and raised through the Challenge goes towards the yearly subscription and purchase of library books.