Supporting home-grown talent  is very important to us here at Guernsey Electricity so we are thrilled to say there is one space remaining on our fantastic bursary scheme - which is open for applications from local students currently in or entering higher education from September 2018.

The scheme, which we have been running for the last 10 years, provides four local students an annual bursary of £2000 for the duration of their undergraduate degree, with guaranteed paid work experience during the holidays.

We are on the hunt for applications from students studying any subject which would be relevant to the business. The scheme is not exclusive to those studying engineering, and we welcome applications from those studying a range of relevant subjects such as HR, IT, Business Studies, Environmental Studies and Project Management.

Alan Bates, Chief Executive of Guernsey Electricity, said: ‘We are committed to  investing back into our community. We are privileged to be developing the next generation of skills and knowledge for the benefit of the Island as a whole and us, as a company.

We’re not just a bunch of electrical engineers, we employ people with a broad range of skills and knowledge and would welcome applications from those studying any relevant subject. If you’re uncertain, please get in touch.’

Head of Asset at Guernsey Electricity, Stuart Blondel, began his career as a student under Guernsey Electricity’s bursary scheme.

‘The support I have received from Guernsey Electricity has allowed me to both gain my academic qualifications, and then put theory into practicing developing my career from an Operations Engineer to Head of Asset. It’s a great place to work, and with the rapidly changing energy market, it provides an exciting range of opportunities.’ said Mr Blondel.

On leaving university Mr Blondel worked for Guernsey Electricity for a year before moving to the UK to work for an engineering design consultancy. He later returned to the Island and secured the position of Guernsey Electricity’s operations engineer.

Find out more about the scheme on our careers pages.