Pupils at St Mary & St Michael, St Martin’s Primary and Vale Primary have spent time with Alex Herschel, a Marine Biologist who works for Guernsey Electricity, to understand the importance of marine conservation, and learn how seaweed keeps our air clean and protects Guernsey’s beaches. 

Students got involved with the interactive sessions by touching, tasting and drawing local species of seaweed. 

Environmental Sustainability Manager for Guernsey Electricity, Alex Herschel said ”It’s important that young people get involved with marine conservation as everyone can do their bit to conserve our local environment”. 

“At Guernsey Electricity we take our responsibility to the local environment seriously and that includes marine life. We want to make a positive contribution to the island today for the benefit of future generations“ said Ms Herschel.  

Alex Herschel school talk on seaweed 2.JPG