Pre-pay meters are pay-as-you-go and need to be topped up, but during the festive period they won’t automatically disconnect if they run out of credit – meaning these customers won’t have to worry about the electricity turning off as a result.

‘As we all know, Christmas can be a very busy time and people can forget to top-up their meters before the shops close on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve,’ said Guernsey Electricity communications manager Clare Packman.

‘With our friendly times, the meter stays on even if the credit runs out when it’s not possible to top-up. Any debts are repaid when the customer tops up again.’

‘Customers will be able to enjoy the benefit of three and a half days of ‘friendly time’ over the Christmas weekend, however it’s important meters are topped up with enough money to cover that time which will include all electricity usage, standing charges and the payment of any debts or Hire Purchases’ said Mrs Packman.

The friendly times are from 12pm on 23rd December until 9am on 27th December and from 12pm on New Year’s Eve until 9am on 2nd January. Information can also be found on Guernsey Electricity’s website as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Prepayment top ups can be purchased from the following locations:

Please check with each individual shop for their December opening times.

More information on our prepayment meters can be found here.