Article Credit: Mr Matthew Jamieson - Guernsey Grammar School & Sixth Form Centre

"On Friday 22 June, Grammar School's Year 10 students had a day experiencing a taste of what is involved in working using Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The group was divided into boys and girls, and the boys started the day hearing from two local engineers who have had fascinating careers in their respective fields. We would like to thank Steve Langlois of Guernsey Water (and other half of Grammar School's own Mrs Langlois) and Tom Whitmore of Geomarine for their insights into engineering.

The girls started their day with a sunny walk down to the College of FE to join other girls from around the island to mark International Women in Engineering Day, sponsored by Guernsey Electricity. Around 240 girls took part in activities and workshops ranging from solar-powered car racing to a ping-pong missile launch, a wind turbine, robotics, 3D printing and earthquakes.

Power Station Tour STEM Day

The girls heard from many engineers whose jobs have taken them all around the world, including an inspirational talk from Jenny Giles of Geomarine, an engineer who has been involved in the design of many structures on Guernsey. There was also a quiz competition in which Zoe Sneddon was the overall winner and received as a prize a mini iPad.

Meanwhile the boys continued their experiences by being set challenges in Maths with drones from Mr O’Donnell, using Computing in card games with Mr Chesters, and some Chemical Engineering, making aspirin and fireworks with Mr Hajikarimian and Mrs Beasley."

On top of that, thanks to Guernsey Electricity they got a tour of the island’s power station and insights into the careers related to the electricity industry. All in all, it was a valuable look into a world of work that can take engineers anywhere in the world, and if Elon Musk has his way, even as far as Mars.

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Power Station Tour STEM Day 2

Photo Credit: JR Photography