Amid continued investment in health and safety, the company says the record figure is the longest period of time in 30 years that not a single working day has been lost as a result of a injury caused by an accident at work. The current period extends from 27th July 2016 and is based on the more stringent criteria of time lost of one working day or greater.

‘Guernsey Electricity firmly believes that delivery of effective health, safety and environmental management systems makes not only sound business sense, but ensures that our moral and legal obligations are met. It’s at the core of our operation for now and into the future,’ said chief executive officer Alan Bates.

The period includes the challenging installation of a new engine at the island’s power station. The engine, which has been named Freddie, is one of the biggest machines to have ever been brought ashore to Guernsey.

Mr Bates added: ‘It’s easily the longest time Guernsey Electricity has worked without an LTI in the last 30 years. We have invested heavily in ensuring our health and safety performance exceeds expectations and encourage all of our employees to be involved in health, safety and environmental practice and management.’

All employees receive health and safety training, with a specialist team also supporting employees and building effective systems and auditing performance against these. The company’s management team also receive weekly updates and consider opportunities for improvement.

‘We would like to thank all our employees for playing their important part in achieving this milestone. We hope the systems we are putting into place mean we can report on many more positive health and safety milestones,’ said Mr Bates.