The Guernsey Welfare Service recently agreed a scheme with Waitrose that will see the supermarket provide near date ready meals to the charity’s foodbank. However, the charity needed a freezer as the meals will be frozen. Guernsey Electricity has now stepped in and donated a freezer.

Welfare worker Sue Le Friec said the donation would help ensure food was stored safely and mean a wider range of food would be available to households in need. The charity is also in discussions with other supermarkets and a bakery about taking their near-date food, which could be frozen.

She added: ‘We have noticed an increase in young people wanting to use the foodbank service. If you’re a young person living in a room in shared accommodation, you may have limited kitchen facilities. However, you may have a kettle and a microwave. For this group in particular, a ready meal is a good thing and probably a bit of a luxury.’

Malcolm Woodhams, Retail Manager at Guernsey Electricity, praised the charity’s work and said he hoped the freezer would enable it to assist more people in the island.

‘We know of the incredible good work undertaken by the Guernsey Welfare Service, and how much they help the local community. We are delighted to be able to help by providing a new freezer, which has large storage capacity and is energy efficient,’ said Mr Woodhams.

The Guernsey Welfare Service helps around 20 households a week who are struggling to make ends meet. Currently, it needs pasta sauce and biscuits in particular. More information about the service can be found on the charity’s website: