The company says that it’s listening to public opinion, which clearly shows that action is needed, and it believes that clearing the site is the best option.

Guernsey Electricity has actively sought to find a solution to deal with the ageing properties in Vale Avenue for more than 10 years, only for planners to reject three previous planning applications. 

Legislation states that no building can be demolished until planning approval for the future of the site has been approved. However, Guernsey Electricity doesn’t have any final plans because it wants to be able to make the most of the site when it comes to future energy developments including renewables and energy storage.

‘We wholeheartedly agree with deputies and islanders that these houses are an eyesore and believe that clearing the site is the best interim option. However, the current planning system has frustrated this process over a number of years. It’s left us caught in the middle and has been detrimental to the local area,’ said Sally-Ann David, asset management director for Guernsey Electricity.

‘As a good neighbour, Guernsey Electricity is committed to finding a way ahead. Which is why we have submitted a new application to demolish these four derelict terraced houses that the company owns on Vale Avenue and hope that common sense will prevail.’

She added that Guernsey Electricity had made a significant investment in trying to find a solution.

‘Submitting planning applications does cost time and money, but we want to see progress. By engaging proactively with local deputies and the planners, it’s an opportunity to work with the States to finally resolve this long-running problem for the benefit of our neighbours and the wider island community.’