The arrival of ‘The Beast from the East’ has seen the island's energy demand soar to record levels.  On Wednesday 28 February a peak in demand of 86MW was reached, but just 18 hours later this reached 89MW at lunchtime on Thursday 1 March. This is 4MW higher than the previous record achieved in 2010 during a similar period of cold weather.

Alan Bates Chief Executive of Guernsey Electricity said “Demand for electricity reached record levels this week and I am delighted to say that thanks to our hard-working and dedicated team, the investments in cable link infrastructure and the  on-island generators, we have continued to provide a secure and reliable electricity supply to the island.”

Peak Demand Graph


We have the technology that accurately predicts demand in relation to the weather forecast so we can be prepared in advance. The above graph illustrates the significant additional demand that we experienced on the 1 March 2018 compared to the same date last year. It was a balmy 12  degrees on the 1st March in 2017, a stark contrast to the -3 degrees experienced on the island yesterday.