Guernsey Electricity was asked to comment but did not see the story prior to publication and unfortunately it did contain some inaccuracies which may cause concern for islanders.

The safety of our customers is absolutely paramount and we want to reassure our customers that we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide at the time of a purchase and afterwards.

The issues concerning Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers have been well documented and Guernsey Electricity Limited, as a supplier of these electrical products, have to advise customers of the process which has been set by the manufacturer.

When customers have contacted us, they have been advised that the tumble dryers can continue to be used providing they are not left unattended and the filter is cleaned after every use. There is a dedicated hotline 0800 151 0905 to register products which require the faulty part to be replaced. Valpys is the only authorised repair agent in Guernsey and so all machines, regardless of where they were purchased, have to be repaired by one of Valpys’ team.

Valpys has already raised concern with the Guernsey Press that they were not contacted and have also provided Guernsey Electricity with some additional information which we want to highlight to customers to allay any concerns as both companies take reports of faulty machines incredibly seriously.

Valpys has advised us that they have visited the home of the lady in question and serviced the tumble dryer on three different occasions over a period of 17 months – the last time being in October 2015. On one of those visits, the tumbler dryer was removed and repaired and a loan machine provided as a gesture of goodwill to minimise disruption.

The customer has only been sent one invoice from Valpys, sent 10 months ago, for a total of £80 which remains unpaid.

Both Valpys and Guernsey Electricity are confident our commitment to customer service is extremely high and it is disappointing when any media coverage unfairly portrays us in a negative light.

If any customers have any concerns then please contact us on 241941.