We were delighted to welcome a group of ex-Guernsey Electricity staff members on one of our popular tours on the morning of 7 March 2018. With ages ranging from 70 to 93 year old Sidney Prince (formerly in the Power Station Maintenance team), the group were a mix of shift charge engineers, diesel engineers, a contractor who worked in the 'A' station before the building was changed into the current office block, and control room operators. 

"On behalf of my colleagues I would like to thank you for the wonderful care and preparation for conducting our tour of the station. The changes since we worked there are incredible and staggering. For myself I hope it will not be another thirty five years before I return. Best wishes to every-one at S.E.B"   Gerry Durman, former Shift Charge Engineer.

All the gentlemen said they really enjoyed the tour and recalled how things used to be and how much everything has changed in the years since they retired from Guernsey Electricity.

Retired GE Staff 7 March 2018


Following the Power Station tour, the group had a chance to see inside the control room and discover how much it had also changed. There were a lot of questions for our tour guide Lloyd, including renewable energy possibilities and if there will be another subsea cable linking Guernsey to France.

EX Ge staff renewable questions

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Child with C Station