Pupils from Year 7 to 10 will be photographing Cosmic Fish, the school’s Year 8 punk band, at the power station in the Vale as part of their activity week on Thursday 19th July.

‘As part of the school’s end-of-term project week, we are teaching children about the various types of photography undertaken by local professionals. Local wildlife photographer Chris Bales is also assisting and we are using different locations through the week,’ said photographer Tim Feak.

‘Using the power station as a backdrop for a band photo shoot really helps make it relevant and interesting for the students, and we appreciate Guernsey Electricity’s support for us in putting this activity together.’

Clare Packman, communications manager at Guernsey Electricity said the company was always keen to support the work of local schools. 

‘This was an unusual request, but one that Guernsey Electricity is happy to help with because it will help young people learn about photography. The power station offers an exciting and striking location for the photo shoot for the pupils from Les Beaucamps school, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results,’ she said.