A variety of specially selected flowers, shrubs and trees, including cherry crab apple and holly, have been planted by the Hougue Jehannet lane that runs by the power station. The work forms part of a Guernsey Electricity project with local environmentalist Vic Froome from La Société Guernesiaise.

‘We started by making and fitting bird boxes for different species. The plants will produce fruit, seeds and pollen which attract insects such as butterflies and moths and increase the biodiversity. There are also many colours to brighten up everyone’s day,’ said Mr Froome.

‘There’s a very enthusiastic group at Guernsey Electricity taking this work forward led by Alex Herschel and Steve Holford. It’s fantastic that they are so keen to help us and by involving the children, we were able to teach them more about the importance of biodiversity.’

Guernsey Electricity communications manager Clare Packman said the company took its responsibilities to the local environment seriously.

‘The power station is one of the most industrial parts of the island, so we’re always keen to see how we can enhance the local environment to the benefit of our customers, neighbours, employees and wildlife,’ she said.

‘Vic Froome has been brilliant in supporting this project, and thank you to the children from Vale School for their hard work with the planting.’

Eleven-year-old Jodie Clark said: ‘It’s been really fun to be around the power station and to plant the flowers to bring the wildlife here.’

The project is part of a number of community initiatives which Guernsey Electricity has recently been involved with. Through its Community Fund, which was established in 2015 to support projects benefiting Vale and St Sampson’s residents, it has recently given financial support to the GO2 Charity Shop, St Mary & St Michael School and the 5th Guernsey Scout Group.

Vale School Houge Jehannet Planting1.jpg