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Terms and Conditions

We want you to make full use of our website and all of the information and other facilities included within its pages. However, it is important that users should understand its limitations. Please read the following Terms and Conditions. If you are using the website on behalf of any one else (such as an employer) you are responsible for making them aware of these conditions.

Conditions of Use


The information, services and other tools and facilities provided by this website are intended as a service to the public. Guernsey Electricity will take reasonable steps to ensure that everything on its site is correct.

However users should not rely or act upon any of the information contained or obtained through these pages. If you do so, it will be entirely at your own risk. The user is solely responsible for deciding whether or not the information held or obtained from this website is suitable for any purpose.

Please remember also that the information contained may not necessarily be up to date. This applies particularly to account information and cable record information.

Guernsey Electricity does not accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions made. No liability is accepted for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or the interpretation of information held.


This site contains educational material for children and students. Guernsey Electricity will take reasonable steps to ensure that this educational material is suitable. Guernsey Electricity does however expect that normal, reasonable, parental or other supervision by a responsible adult will be exercised with regard to the use of the internet by children. For this reason Guernsey Electricity does not accept responsibility or liability for any unsuitable material accessed by children from this website, particularly by way of any link.

Drawings and records

Drawing and record Information obtained from this site is not to be divulged to any third parties that are not aware of these conditions of use.

The position of the cables & equipment shown on any drawing or plan obtained via this internet site must be regarded as approximate only.

The information given does not preclude the possibility that unrecorded cables may exist.

Any user of this information should dig trial holes by hand, prior to the commencement of any work, to establish the exact position and depth of cables.

Guernsey electricity will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to losses, claims or damages of any kind, whether directly or indirectly, arising from the publication, use or otherwise any form of reliance upon, drawings, plans or records obtained through, or by way of this website.

Hypertext Links

Guernsey Electricity cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies of other information that may be accessed from its own page sites through the hypertext links.

You must respect the copyright of any material accessed through the hypertext links.


All reasonable care will be taken to prevent damage to computer systems by computer viruses. However Guernsey Electricity cannot be held responsible for the introduction of any computer viruses into any user's system. This applies particularly, but not solely, to material accessed via Guernsey Electricity's own page to sites through the hypertext links or by use of any e-mail facility.

Applicable Law

The applicable law relating to all matters concerning this website shall be deemed to be the Law of Guernsey.

Copyright 2015: Guernsey Electricity

Permission is granted for information, documents and related graphics obtained from this website to be printed or downloaded to a local hard disk for private use.

Copies of material obtained from this site may be taken and distributed for any purpose, providing that where the copyright of the material is held other than by Guernsey Electricity does not thereby infringe the rights of the individual copyright. In particular all photographic images are unless otherwise stated, the property of the photographer concerned and should not be copied or distributed in any form whatsoever without the express permission of the photographer.

All copies should clearly display the above copyright and any relevant permissions. All other rights are reserved.

The name "Guernsey Electricity " or any related logo or trademark may not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of this information without specific, written prior permission.

Privacy Statement

Guernsey Electricity wants you to feel confident that your privacy will be safeguarded whilst using this web site and to be able to make informed choices regarding your use of it. In addition Guernsey Electricity maintains a database of all contact and customers' names and addresses which is held centrally for use by all corporate applications.

The statement below explains our approach to this important matter. Please read on for more detail about our privacy policy and our approach to data protection generally.

Data Protection (Guernsey) Law 2001

Guernsey Electricity is a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2001. It has registered with the Data Protection Commissioner details of the types of personal data it holds, together with the reasons for keeping such data and general details of the types of persons and countries where personal data is shared for processing or other business reasons.

Guernsey Electricity and its staff keep, use and process your data in accordance with the provisions of the above law.

Your rights under the Law

The Data Protection Law provides you with certain rights, including the right to be given a copy of any personal data, relating to you that is held by Guernsey Electricity Limited.  If you wish to exercise this right you should write to the address highlighted below enclosing the £10 fee allowed by the Law.

Guernsey Electricity will then arrange for you to receive, within 60 calendar days, a copy of any personal information held.

The Law also provides that you have the right to correct any personal data and in certain circumstance the right to have personal data removed. Again, any enquiries should be sent to the address below. Guernsey Electricity will then have to respond within 60 calendar days. No fee is payable in this regard.

If you have any questions concerning data protection at Guernsey Electricity please write to:

The Data Protection Officer,
Guernsey Electricity,
GY1 5SS.

This address should also be used if you do not wish your personal information to be used in any of the ways described in this notice, or if you do not wish us to disclose information to any persons or group of persons.

Please note however, that should you decide not to allow us to collect, use and process your personal information, it may be that in some cases any business dealings that we might have with you will take longer to progress and in some cases may not be possible at all. Guernsey Electricity may also in certain circumstances be obliged by law, to disclose information.

"Links" to other sites

We do not review or have any control over third party sites obtainable via the Guernsey Electricity or related web sites. Consequently we would suggest that you review the privacy policies of such third party sites and satisfy yourself that your privacy is adequately protected before entering any personal data into such sites.

What information do we collect? Why do we need it? What do we do with it?


Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to your computer's browser when you access a particular website. When a cookie arrives, your computer's browser generally saves this information in a file on your hard drive. When you return to the same site or a site owned by the same company, the stored information can be sent back to the website's owner along with your new request for a web page.

Guernsey Electricity uses "cookies" in the following ways;


  1. To enable us to develop the web site, and for statistical purposes. Statistical information will be kept in an anonymous format so that it will not be possible to identify any individual.
  2. We may also use the information we collect to personalise your use of the site so that it reflects your particular interests.

If you do not wish to allow cookies on your hard drive it is usually possible for you to block or prevent your web browser from accepting the data necessary to enable this to be done. This may however restrict some of the functionality that you might otherwise receive from the site.

We will retain "cookie" information for as long as may be necessary for statistical or operational reasons.

Automated Payment Process - Credit and Debit Card Information

You may wish to pay an account using your credit or debit card via our online payments facility.  To facilitate this Guernsey Electricity has secured the services of a company known as Paypoint .net which is a secure, online, real-time payment service provider, supporting all major credit and debit cards.

Guernsey Electricity will ask you to supply your customer reference, name, amount to pay, supply address and email address. This information may be kept for a period of up to 6 years for accounting purposes by Guernsey Electricity. You will then be transferred to a secure payment area maintained by where you will be prompted for your credit/debit card details to complete the transaction. This will process your payment and provide Guernsey Electricity with confirmation and details of your payment. These details include your IP address. This information is retained for six years as part of Guernsey Electricity's accounting records.

Guernsey Electricity does not store, hold use or process electronically your Credit/Debit card details at any time.

Online Meter reading

Guernsey Electricity will ask you to provide your name, customer reference number and your e-mail address together with the meter readings. This information is required so that we can match your readings with your account. Information received is retained as long as may be necessary for billing, accounting and audit purposes and to enable us to contact you if there are any queries in relation to your reading or your account.

Online statements of account

If you wish to use this service you will be required to register with Guernsey Electricity and supply your e-mail address and your customer reference number. You will then be allocated a password which you should remember. Access to the on line accounts will require you to input your e-mail address and your password. Guernsey Electricity will store your e-mail address to enable you to use this service. This information will be retained for as long as you wish to continue to subscribe to this facility. If you wish to un-subscribe please e-mail

Dial Before you Dig

We are happy to provide information on any electrical cables owned by Guernsey Electricity on your property.  Please note that we can only provide information about property you own. We require you to supply the customer reference, your name and address and the address of the property together with details of your enquiry. An e-mail address is also required to enable us to reply by this method. You may also provide telephone and fax numbers if you wish us to contact you via these methods. We will also record your enquiry in case of future query.


From time to time, the site may include polls, surveys, competitions or other promotional features. If you choose to participate, we may ask for your name, address and e-mail address so we can administer the contest and notify winners.

Handling other information

Guernsey Electricity may also collect and use information about you by means other than by use of this website. This may happen if you are in any of the following categories;


A Customer.

If you have an electricity account we will hold information about you and your supply.  If you require us to carry out any work for you such as installing additional electric power sockets then we will hold information to enable us to carry out the work and send you the bill. If you require us to put in an electrical supply to your premises, we will hold details concerning you and your property. We will also keep details to enable us to process hire purchase, standing orders, direct debits and credit or debit card transactions.

If you purchase any items from our showroom or in connection with any work carried out then personal details associated with the transaction will be retained and may in certain circumstances be shared with suppliers.  Suppliers require this information to enable them to contact you for any reason in respect of the product.  This will include such things as claims under guarantee or warranty, product recalls/ after sales service or other design or quality issues.

Customer Complaints/Feedback  

Guernsey Electricity may also obtain and use information about you if you make use of the Complaint Forms, Fault reporting or Customer Feedback forms made available to customers for customer service purposes. This information, along with similar information obtained from other sources are used for customer services purposes such as resolving any complaints and to provide statistical information for performance monitoring purposes. This information may be disclosed as required to The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities as part of Guernsey Electricity’s license obligations.


Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

The Company makes use of automatic meter reading technology which has the technical capability to record energy consumption readings at intervals of not less than once every half hour and allow profiles of consumption to be plotted accordingly. The ability to produce load curves if required allows Guernsey Electricity to identify system faults or losses or indeed to answer customers’ queries and provide customers with energy efficiency advice in respect of their electricity consumption. 



CCTV equipment is installed in Guernsey Electricity's showroom and  in and around  the Companies Hougue Jehannet and Vale Avenue premises .Video recordings are made for security ,the prevention of crime and related purposes  and may be shared with the law enforcement agencies . Images are retained for as long as is necessary for the above purposes.


A Supplier.

We will hold information to enable us to control the work and to enable us to order, and pay for goods and services received.


An Enquirer. 

If you write to us for any reason then we keep a copy of the correspondence together with any details that will enable us to respond in a timely and adequate manner.


A landowner or developer.

We may need to process personal data relating to electricity mains services or other electrical equipment on privately owned land. We also maintain a geographic information system database.


E-Mail information

When you contact us by e-mail using the Web -call system or otherwise, your call will be acknowledged by an immediate e-mail response. However, in order for us to respond fully we will need to know your daytime telephone number. Your e-mail address will also be needed if you wish us to contact you in that way.


Telephone information

We may ask for your day-time telephone number to enable us to contact you urgently should the need arise, in connection with any call request or account payment facility. We may also ask you for a convenient time, AM or PM, when you may be contacted, for example, to agree access to allow work to be carried out.

Telephone calls may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes. Whilst on the telephone we may ask for further information depending on the nature of the call: for example, your customer account number and address.

If the call relates to the purchase of any appliance from our showroom, such as a guarantee claim or otherwise, we may ask for further details over the telephone. This will enable us to identify the item and assist us in resolving the problem. This information may also be retained for billing, claim management and statistical purposes.

We may also ask for a piece of information about you or your account. This will be used to provide added security particularly in respect of telephone enquiries concerning your account.

The information will be retained for so long as you continue to have a business relationship with Guernsey Electricity.


Electronic Marketing

We will not use any e-mail addresses collected via this site or IP addresses or any other way, for marketing purposes without the specific permission from the customer concerned.

Other Marketing

Guernsey Electricity may from time to time circulate by post, information regarding new tariffs, products, or general information to its customers. A separate database of customers who have not objected to us using their contact details in this way is held for this purpose. If you wish to indicate a preference regarding postal contacts, please write to the Data Protection Officer.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Unless specifically stated above, Guernsey Electricity will only disclose personal information in relation to the above and to its sites to persons within the Island and on occasion elsewhere, who have a need to know. This includes disclosures specifically required by or authorised by the law courts or any other legislation as well as other wise described earlier in this notice.

It may also include, depending on the circumstances, such persons as industry regulators, personal legal representatives, professional persons such as architects, lawyers or insurers and certain States Committees. The Data Protection Law binds all businesses and States departments in the same way as Guernsey Electricity.

Anonymous statistical information in aggregate form may be supplied to interested parties such as States departments, suppliers, trade bodies and consultants undertaking work on behalf of Guernsey Electricity.

How do we protect your information?

Guernsey Electricity hosts the web site in a secure environment and employs appropriate physical and technical measures .Guernsey Electricity complies fully with the relevant Guernsey Data Protection Laws. Our staff is bound by the requirements of the Computer Misuse Law applicable in Guernsey and receives information security and data protection awareness and other appropriate training.

In Summary

We will do all we can to ensure that your privacy is safeguarded. We collect information to enable you to be given the fullest possible service. The information is reviewed from time to time to ensure that it is retained only for so long as it remains relevant to our business relationship with you. From time to time we will need to review our policy and make any necessary changes. If we do this we will post the changes to this page. Please take the opportunity to ensure that you are always up-to date by visiting this page regularly. Please e-mail us or write to our Data Protection Officer at the address elsewhere in this notice if you have any questions or comments or concerns about privacy.

Copyright Guernsey Electricity 2016 Ltd is bound by the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act which is equivalent to the Guernsey Law.

Paypoint .net’s postal address is Tower bridge business centre East Smithfield London E1W 1 AW

Further information on Paypoint can be obtained from their website


Code of Practice


Dealing with Customers in default

You will receive a statement from us every three months which will reflect the goods and services provided to you. It is in your best interest to pay your bill quickly as you are still using electricity. Prompt payment also helps us keeps our costs down. This enables us to provide an efficient cost effective service.

If you do not pay your bill by one of our regular payment methods it should be paid within 21days. We will print the date by which you should pay your bill next to the balance. Providing we have resolved any queries you have raised, and if you have not paid your bill after a further 7 days (day 28) we will send a reminder / final notice. If your account is still not paid 14 days later (day 42) we will consider your account in default. We will then send a representative to your address to try and resolve the matter. Your supply will not be disconnected at this time. However, as we have now made reasonable efforts to contact you your supply is now liable for disconnection. Your supply will not be disconnected until you have received a formal notice signed by our Head of Customer & Retail Services and delivered by hand. This notice will state the date from which the electricity supply will be terminated.

Disconnection can be avoided by phoning us and agreeing to a payment plan from one of our many methods of payment. These are listed in the section of our Codes of Practice entitled Payment of Bills. If we are unable to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement enabling you to stay on a credit meter we will offer the installation of a prepayment meter providing it is safe and practical to do so. A prepayment meter will not be installed without reference to you unless we have notified you in writing. Should your accounts go into default twice in any 12-month period we will ask for security against your future supply. This Security can be provided by agreeing to one of our regular payment methods detailed in the section "Payment of Bills" above. Providing the payments are made on time and at a level agreed by us there will be no requirement to pay a deposit. However, should an agreed method of payment fail we will request a deposit based on five months usage. Interest will be paid on deposits every six months at the end of March and September. The interest is calculated using the average base rate of our bank over the preceding 6 months. The deposit will be returned on your final statement for the supply in question.

If you pay your account by one of our regular payment methods we will review your payment every time your meter is actually read. We will then, if necessary, ask you to increase your payments or we will refund any credit balance that is due over our standard refund level unless you tell us otherwise.

Should you not increase your payments when requested and your payments are not in lieu of security against your supply, we will assume that you wish to return to a normal quarterly arrangement. Any subsequent payments will be accepted as "on account" payments and your account will not attract any discounts payable within the regular payment scheme.

Should you not increase your payments when requested and your payments are in lieu of security against your supply, we will send a reminder after 14 days. If you have still not increased after a further 10 days (day 24) we will consider your account in default.

If we have resolved any queries on your statement you may have, we may cut off your electricity when:

a)    You do not pay your bills despite our reminders.

b)    You refuse to have a pre-payment meter fitted.

c)     You refuse to provide or maintain security.


1)    For furnished or part-furnished rented accommodation

2)    When your supply is registered as non-domestic

3)    Following a record of delayed payment.

We will reconnect your supply when your account together with a reconnection fee is paid in full. We may also ask you to provide security against the future of your supply.

If we are unable to agree how a bill should be paid after disconnection, we may take you to court. This may increase the amount you need to pay as the action against you will include costs.

If you are having difficulty paying your bill please tell us as soon as possible. We will be able to advise you on payment plans to suit your circumstances. Getting such plans started early reduces the impact of the next bill which is already being used.

If you find it helpful we will be happy to talk to Citizens advice Bureau, States Insurance Authority or other such agencies should you get them to contact us. They will normally ask you to sign a declaration stating that you are happy for us to discuss your accounts with them. We will listen to their explanation of your circumstances and endeavour to agree a plan of action to resolve the situation. We will take into account your ability to pay bearing in mind your usage to date and your continuing supply.


Reading of Customers Meters

If you have a normal quarterly credit meter we will send statements to you every quarter as highlighted in the list below. If we are unable to read your meter we will send you an estimated statement. If you receive an estimated statement and would prefer an accurate one please either submit your own reading or if this is not possible contact a member of our Customer Accounts team on 01481 200700 and they will be pleased to make arrangements for a visit to your meter. 

The reading of the meter shall be conclusive evidence in the absence of fraud of the value of the supply. If the meter is damaged, slows down or stops we reserve the right to base your bill on a reasonable assumption of your usage based on previous consumptions.

Should the Meter Reader unfortunately cause any damage while at your property we will consider any claim for compensation. Claims should be submitted in writing to the Customer Accounts Manager and should include all details of the damage caused.

During the meter reading our meter reader will visually inspect the meter for external damage and deterioration. If you are aware of any damage or have reason to believe the meter is not functioning correctly please contact our meter department on 01481 241990.

We will ensure that we leave your premises as secure as we find it. We will agree to many special arrangements for access but always make sure that we also leave the premises as secure as you wish.

St Andrew & St Peter Port : March, June, September & December

St Sampson & Vale: January, April, July & October

Castel, St Saviour, St Peter, Torteval, Forest & St Martin: February, May, August & November


Customer Complaints

Here at Guernsey Electricity we place great importance on delivering the highest standards of service to all of our customers.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service on all occasions but inevitably in spite of our best efforts things can and do go wrong.

If any of our customers receive poor service then it is our belief that that customer should report it to us.

Without our customer's feedback by way of a complaint, suggestion or comment how else can we learn by our mistakes?

Therefore, in our efforts to provide excellent services, we do need you to help us to help you.

Our commitment to you

We believe it should be easy for customers to voice their concerns. Customers can use any method of communication they wish to contact us. We accept complaints, suggestions and comments in writing, over the phone, in person, by fax or by e-mail.

Our aim is to deal with them:

How to make a complaint

Guernsey Electricity has made it as easy as possible for customers to talk to us with a wide variety of communications channels open to you.

If writing, address your letter to: Guernsey Electricity, FREEPOST, Guernsey, GY1 5SS.

If phoning, call our main office on 01481 200700 tell the operator what your call is about and our operator will put you through to the correct department who will deal with your enquiry directly.

Calling in person, pop into our main offices at the above address, explain to the receptionist what your visit is about and they will call someone to talk with you.

Alternatively, if your enquiry relates to a purchase from one of our shops you can call into either shop and talk to the shop manager.

E-mailing, simply e-mail using the e-mail address

What we need to know

When you are making a complaint, we need to know:

It would also be helpful if you can show us, or make reference to, any documents that may explain the background to your complaint. This will help us resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently.

How we will deal with your complaint

Whether phoning, calling or writing in, your enquiry/complaint will be directed to, and dealt with by the most appropriate section able to provide a reasoned response. Every effort will be made to answer your enquiry and or to resolve your complaint there and then.

Where we are unable to provide our response immediately we will reply by telephone, in writing or where necessary by personal visit.

Where the matter is resolved over the phone or during a meeting and you require written confirmation please ask our member of staff to reply in writing and we will be glad to do so.

How soon will we reply?

We endeavour to reply as soon as possible and our aim is to respond to all complaints within 3 working days.

Inevitably some issues cannot be resolved as quickly as both you and we want. For example, we may need to carry out detailed investigation or install test equipment to obtain necessary information. On these occasions our reply will be sent within 3 working days of the completion of our investigation.

What if you are not satisfied?

We will make effort to sort out your complaint and provide you with our reasoned response as soon as possible. However, if you are not happy with that response or our actions please tell us.

If you are not satisfied with how your call was handled or with our response we want to know. Please call and ask to speak to the Customer Service Manager and ask to have your complaint reviewed. Your complaint will then be reviewed personally by the Customer Service Manager or by a member of our Senior Management Team.

If a complaint or disagreement remains unresolved for one month either party may refer it to Trading Standards Service of the Board of Industry - see paragraph under "Unresolved complaints".

Recording of complaints

On receipt of a complaint no matter how it was received, the member of staff will complete a "complaints handling form", recording all the necessary information of the incident. This includes any written notes regarding the content of any conversation, and what action was necessary to resolve the matter.

Unresolved complaints

When a complaint remains unresolved, either because the consumer is dissatisfied with the outcome, or the target time for resolution has been exceeded, the consumer can decide if they wish to take the matter further.

To do so an approach must be made to the Trading Standards Service of the Commerce and Employment Department (contact details below)

Trading Standards will act as an impartial body and will attempt to find a fair outcome for all of the parties if it identifies that GE have not adequately resolved the matter. If Trading Standards believe GE acted reasonably the consumer will be informed of this.

However if the complaint relates to GE's licensed businesses (i.e. generation, conveyance and supply) and still remains unresolved the consumer can ask that the matter be referred to The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities who, in turn will receive a report from the Trading Standards Service. The consumer and GE will receive copies of the report. The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities will progress the complaint in whatever manner it considers appropriate. The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities will not be able to resolve complaints concerning GE's non-core activities such as retail, except where the complaint concerns a linkage with the licensed business.

The Trading Standards Service will periodically report to The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities to provide details of complaints it has received under this scheme. Nothing in this scheme is intended to prevent a consumer from seeking resolution through the courts.

Contact details:

The Consumer Advisor, The Guernsey Trading Standards Service, Raymond Falla House, PO Box 459, Longue Rue, St Martins, GY1 6AF

Tel: 01481 234567


Statement of Connections

Available upon request. For more information call us on 01481 200700 or email.


Statement of Opportunity

Available upon request. For more information call us on 01481 200700 or email.

Power Pounds

Power Pounds vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue and are redeemable for goods supplied by and services provided from Guernsey Electricity Limited (GEL) subject to availability and the GEL general terms & conditions available on this page.

The Voucher can only be used once and only the original Voucher is accepted. It will be subject
to verification at time of presentation and GEL reserves the right not to accept any Vouchers that have or appear to have been forged, damaged, defaced or otherwise tampered with.

The Voucher may be redeemed in connection with other Vouchers issued by Guernsey Electricity Ltd. If an intended purchase is for a higher amount than the face value of the Voucher(s), the difference
can be made up with cash or an alternative payment method accepted by GEL. If a purchase is for a lower amount, change can only be given to the maximum value of 99p.

Vouchers cannot be refunded, transferred for value or exchanged for cash or other denominated vouchers except to the extent required by any law. Vouchers cannot be replaced / reimbursed if lost, stolen, damaged or void.

GEL will not be liable to you for any loss and/or damages of any kind suffered in connection with:

a. Your purchase, redemption and/or use of the Voucher;
b. Your inability to use a Voucher that is lost, destroyed, has expired or is otherwise void;
c. The use of the Voucher by any person(s) not authorised or approved by you; or
d. Any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations in relation to a Voucher that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.

We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Vouchers Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the Voucher with another product or programme of equivalent value, without any prior notice to the extent permitted by law. In the event of any difference between these Terms and Conditions and GEL general terms and conditions, the latter shall prevail.

When you purchase, receive or redeem any Voucher, you agree that the laws of the Island of Guernsey will govern these Terms and Conditions.

Any queries regarding the redemption of this Voucher should be directed to Guernsey Electricity Limited on 01481 200700.


GEL Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply to ALL Purchase Orders (POs) created by Guernsey Electricity Ltd (GEL) from the 1st July 2017 until further notice.

The terms and conditions can be found here.