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Changes to your bill

We have introduced a new customer billing system which has required us to make some small changes to your account and statement. Please be assured this does not affect your supply of electricity or how you can contact us.

We hope that your experience of the transition to the new system has been smooth, but if you have any questions, please get in contact with our Customer Service team (details in footer). Please do be patient with our team, as I’m sure you’ll understand, learning a whole new system doesn’t come without its challenges.

My customer reference number has changed, do I need to do anything?

You are correct, you will see that you have a new customer reference number. This is at the top right of your statement and starts with ‘CUS’ for example CUS1234567. You’ll need to have this to hand if you talk to our team about your account, submitting a meter reading or to make a payment.

If I am in credit, will I be receiving a refund?

If you use less electricity than usual and you pay by standing order, your account may show to be in credit in the ‘TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE’ section. If you would like to receive a refund, please contact us to request this. Please note, we will no longer be able to issue cheques, and refunds will now be completed by bank transfer. Please be assured that we will get in touch if we need to make a refund and we don’t have your bank details on record.

My statement contains an estimated reading, do I need to do anything?

Although much of the Island is now covered by automated meters, sometimes the signals may not reach us. In these instances, we may need to send you an estimated statement. If you receive an estimated statement and you wish to have a statement based on your actual consumption, please submit your reading online at

Why is there a credit for my standing charge on my bill?

As part of moving to our new system, the standing charge will change from being charged in advance, to being charged in arrears. So, on this first bill you will notice that there is a credit to your account for this change in process.

There are opening transactions on my statement, what are they?

If there is an opening transactions section, this is your existing account balance before the new transactions in the current statement period.

My statement has a new standing order form at the bottom. Why am I being asked to increase my standing order?

Your standing order is designed to cover the amount of electricity you use but if your electricity usage increases, we may suggest a higher standing order amount to avoid additional payments being required in the future. You will find this at the bottom of your statement, and it should be completed and returned to Guernsey Electricity. As a reminder, if you have an outstanding balance in the ‘TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE’ section, your standing order has not covered your usage. This is an outstanding balance and will need to be paid separately. Please give us a call if you are concerned about making this payment and we can talk through the help we can offer.

The Future

Our new system will allow us, in the future, to make significant improvements to the way we manage your account, delivering a better customer experience and take another step closer towards the electric future.

Do it online!

Did you know you can pay your bill online, submit a meter reading and let us know you are moving home, all online? For more information visit