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Environmental Sustainability

Guernsey Electricity is committed to providing a safe, stable, value-for-money energy supply, while maintaining a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Our Environmental Vision is “to make a positive contribution to our island environment for today and for the benefit of future generations”.

Low Carbon Electricity

Our cable between Jersey and Guernsey, GJ1, enables us to import guaranteed low carbon energy from hydro-electric and nuclear sources in France.

Our long term strategy is to continue to invest and plan for further cable links between Guernsey and Jersey and direct from Guernsey to France, which will decrease our on-island impacts and air emissions still further.

We are also working with the States of Guernsey to research into the potential for large scale renewable technologies such and tidal and wind power.

Environmental Management

Since 2008, when we first introduced environmental performance measures within the organisation, environmental management has played an increasing part in our operations and activities.

Our commitment to environmental management continues with the appointment of a dedicated Environmental Specialist in 2016, whose role is to put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) and promote environmental sustainability across our operations.

Environmental Strategy

Our 5-year Environmental Sustainability Strategy includes measurable objectives and targets designed to embed a strong environmental sustainability governance, culture, and risk management system within the organisation. 


Environmental Sustainability Policy

 Our key policy principles are:

Our HSE Policy Statement can be downloaded here.

Environmental Objectives

Our EMS will be rolled out across our priority business areas over the next year, and will be supported by internal and annual external audits (by an independent company) to monitor compliance with ISO 14001.

Energy Efficiency

As well as offering a range of energy efficiency services to our customers, in-house we are gradually deploying  electric vehicles (EV) on our corporate fleet to reduce our reliance on hydrocarbon based fuel for our business operations. You can also view our information on Renewables here.

Links to the Community

We value our strong links with the local community and continue to develop an open and pro-active relationship with interested parties. Regular meetings are held with our Guernsey Electricity Community Liaison Group and we welcome any comments or suggestions either on our Facebook page or online here.

Recent community environmental sustainability initiatives Guernsey Electricity and its employees has got supported include the annual Marine Conservation Society beach cleans around Guernsey, wildlife planting and the installation of small bird boxes around the Vale Power station site with the help of La Société Guernesiaise and Vale school. Guernsey Electricity employees also regularly visit schools to give talks on various environmental topics including energy efficiency and marine conservation.

If anyone would like to leave a comment or suggestion about possible community or environmental initiatives that we could support or if you have any questions about the Environment please do contact us here.