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Tariffs to change on the 1st of July

To fund essential maintenance and upgrading of the Islands' infrastructure

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The cost of electricity will go up from 1st July, after the States’ Trading Supervisory Board approved an application to change tariffs to increase revenue by 9%.   

The additional revenue is required to fund much-needed infrastructure investment to prepare for the predicted increase in electricity demand as the island transitions away from the use of fossil fuels for transport and heating.   

The increase will be split between the charge per unit and the standing charge.  The increase will see a rise in both the unit price of electricity and the quarterly standing charges, which together make up customer bills. This means the actual difference that customers will see in their bills will depend on how much electricity they use. 

Steven Parks, Head of Customer Experience at Guernsey Electricity, said:

"We recognise that these changes come at a time when the cost of living for everyone is increasing, but we cannot delay this investment and need to prepare for the future.

"We do not want anyone turning off their lights or heating because they are concerned with paying their bills and understand that everyone’s circumstances are different.

"Our team of advisers is available to help Islanders manage their usage and provide assistance, so we would ask anyone who is worried to please get in touch.

"We can be reached on 200700, customer@electricity.gg or via our website.”

Information leaflet shared with customer statements.

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