The initiative celebrates the first anniversary of the switch to importing 100% renewable energy and the receipt of the supporting ‘Guarantee of Origin’ certificates. These electronic certificates confirm the sources in France of the Island’s imported renewable electricity, which are made up of wind, solar and hydroelectricity.

Guernsey Electricity will give away 3,000 bags of wildflower seeds through the ‘hedge veg’ stalls of employees’ homes dotted around the Island. This takes place over the Easter weekend and follows our hedge veg wildflower seed giveaway initiative in 2020’s lockdown which saw 2,000 boxes of seeds snapped up by Islanders carrying out their daily recreational activities within two days.

Alex Herschel, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Guernsey Electricity, said the idea is intended as an engaging way of helping Islanders reconnect with nature and also of indicating how the company and the Island are embracing renewables.

‘In 2020, over 93% of the electricity we used on-Island was imported. Of this, 58% was from hydro, 19% from solar and 23% from wind so this is a significant step in transitioning the Island to a greener future.

‘The initiative is a fun way for families in particular to make a difference to the wildlife in their gardens as the Island, particularly as we emerge from the current lockdown. The idea also brings to life that we all can make a small positive difference and when we come together as a community, we can make a big impact.’

Ms Herschel added, “What we would love is for Islanders to send pictures of the flowers in their gardens, balconies and window boxes when they are in full bloom so we can feature them on our social media pages and website”.

Our employees are displaying the seeds at stalls in their front gardens from Friday 2nd April and Islanders are invited to pick up the bags for their own gardens and for families and friends to sow this Spring.

The seeds from Guernsey Electricity's hedge veg will be available on Saturday in the showroom.


GE Bee The Seeds Of Change Seed Map 2021