The cable, which links Guernsey to France via Jersey, failed in October 2018 and engineering works will soon enter the critical phase to install the new subsea cable to the electricity grid network at Havelet Bay.

Sharon Watchorn, project manager at Guernsey Electricity, said: ‘The drop in session is an opportunity for people to learn about the activity taking place and how it will impact those using the Havelet Bay area when the critical works begin. Our intention is to ensure that Islanders are fully informed about the works: why they are so critical and what roads and beach access points will be available.

‘Replacing the cable, which is being undertaken at an accelerated pace, is vital to ensure that Guernsey has full capacity access to the importation  network to France which provides the Island with low carbon and renewable supplies of electricity. This is essential so that we can continue to reduce  emissions on the island and Guernsey Electricity can ensure the infrastructure is in place to meet the future energy needs of our community and economy.

‘The works will be completed as quickly and safely as possible and Havelet Bay will be returned to its previous state once the cable is installed,’ added Mrs Watchorn.

The drop in session takes place at the Guernsey Yacht Club on Wednesday 4 September between 6-8pm. Guernsey Electricity representatives will be available to explain the project in detail and listen to any concerns.

Onshore works are needed as part of the project which will cause a number of closures.

Monday 29 July – Tuesday 19 November 

Monday 2 September – Friday 1 November

Wednesday 2 October – Friday 25 October