The emphasis on people and change, rather than simply human resources, signals one element of Guernsey Electricity’s broader response in supporting the Islands’ climate change targets and commitments. 

To meet those targets requires a material move away from burning fossil fuels and towards the increased electrification of heating and transportation. Guernsey Electricity has committed to taking a leading role in transitioning to a sustainable and renewable future. Part of achieving this transition will be transforming how Guernsey Electricity functions and ensuring it has the people skills needed for the future. 

Chris Watkin said: ‘We have challenging targets that demand we have talented and motivated people in the right jobs, focused on the right things. Our new people strategy is designed to create a sense of pride in our purpose and direction, particularly in leading the energy transition and playing a lead role in meeting the Island’s carbon reduction targets. Alongside that renewed sense of purpose, we are focused on creating a great place to work where people feel valued for their contribution in a culture that encourages continuous improvement for the benefit of the Island and our customers. We are investing in our people - so they become more customer, cost and as importantly carbon focused. Our aim is to become more digitally enabled in a culture that values being agile and adaptable in embracing the changes coming towards us.’

Guernsey Electricity CEO Alan Bates said: ‘Chris brings a wealth of experience around managing people and change. Being challenging, pragmatic and solutions focused is exactly what we need to lead the energy transition. Chris’s role is pivotal in ensuring we have the people and change capacity to be able to deliver appropriate solutions that deliver energy in a fair and equitable way for all Islanders.’ 

Chris joined Guernsey Electricity in 2018 as head of HR. He previously ran his own HR consultancy and was global human capital partner at the Hay Group.