This two-month initiative, which completed early January, comprised face to face discussions with members of the public, online surveys, which followed customer workshops and in-depth interviews with on-island stakeholders.

Alan Bates, Guernsey Electricity’s chief executive, said the consultation presents a much-needed chance to gather the necessary information to provide a bill structure that suits the way that Islanders use electricity and was grateful for the feedback provided.

‘Everyone in Guernsey has a stake in how electricity is generated, used and paid for, so we are thankful for the over 800 people who participated in the consultation which will ensure we can meet the rapid changes in technology and make charging fair for all our customers.’

‘We are aware that the structure of our bills needs to change to meet the rapid changes in technology and ensure they are fair for all consumers.  We will now be providing our findings, report and supporting documentation to CICRA in the coming weeks.’

The company is now compiling its research and recommendations to submit to CICRA.