Kay Davidson, founder of a local sustainable clothing business, started the initiative in 2019 to inspire individuals and families to undertake the challenge in September and encourage more sustainable lifestyle habits. The suggestions include making changes to grocery shopping, tips to use less energy and opting to walk, cycle or taking the bus instead of a usual car journey.

Guernsey Electricity is supporting the initiative in line with the company's climate change statement and revised environmental sustainability strategy which were launched earlier this year.

Islanders are invited to sign up online at www.sustainability.gg, download a card with the 30 suggested challenges or pick one up from Guernsey Electricity at Northside, The Guernsey Weigh, Health Connections shops, BBC Radio Guernsey, or Freedom Surf.

Participants are encouraged to tackle one or more of the tasks for 30 days or attempt all 30 over the month and award themselves a SustainAbility star for each.

Kay said: “We ran the challenge last year for the first time and it proved to be very popular. I believe that one off or one day initiatives to protect our environment often don’t lead to changes in habits or are as effective in getting the message across. I hope that completing the tasks over the whole month will bring long lasting effects.

“It would be great to get people talking about the challenges they’ve tried so we can all learn together and have fun while doing so. Guernsey Electricity’s support in helping me achieve this is hugely appreciated.”

Individuals or families who complete all suggestions will be in with a chance of winning a sustainable gift package including vouchers for the Guernsey Weigh. Participants should post photos of themselves on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or ensure their completed sticker cards use the #SustainAbilityGuernsey and tag Guernsey Electricity. Alternatively, star charts can be dropped off at the reception at Electricity House, Vale. The winner will be announced in October.

Alice Gill of Guernsey Electricity, said: “As a company, we believe that small steps like these can help transform the Island into a more sustainable place to live and so we can enjoy the benefits of a more balanced lifestyle, which includes saving energy, money, and often improve our health.

“We were therefore more than happy to work with Kay on this initiative and as a company, our own employees will also be participating.”

For more information, to view the video or sign up to the SustainAbility September Guernsey Challenge, click on www.sustainability.gg. Guernsey Electricity’s environmental sustainability strategy and climate change statement can be at www.electricity.gg/sustainability