To mark the commissioning of the new link and symbolise Guernsey Electricity’s commitment to environmental sustainability, Chief Executive Officer Alan Bates, joined by Deputy Barry Brehaut and Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, switched off one of the oldest engines in the power station (1C) yesterday. Whilst this engine may be required for very short periods of operation in the future, the newer equipment, which is more efficient and has improved environmental performance, will be deployed during periods of exceptional demand.

“Generating electricity from the power station has both financial and environmental costs and we believe that importing affordable renewable and low carbon electricity from Europe is the right solution for our small island with big environmental aspirations. We are very proud of the successful replacement of GJ1, which was in record time. All onshore and offshore works relating to the project in Guernsey and Jersey are in the final stages of completion. This means that homes and businesses are again powered from renewable and low carbon energy sources. We are now really looking forward to the power station returning to its standby role and only running when needed to provide peak demand when the Island’s electricity loads are at their highest in the winter.“ said Mr Bates.

“I would once again like to thank the Guernsey Electricity team for their dedication and hard work, it has been very busy successfully completing a project of this scale in just 12 months. With reliability returned to the importation of electricity the business can begin to look to the future and the need to further decarbonise energy use on the island. The way we generate and use energy is evolving and we have an exciting future ahead” he added.  

Switch off

Guernsey Electricity employees attending the ceremonial switch off of 1C engine