Lihou Charitable Trust was announced as one of the winners of the first round of the fund in March. The Trust received £1,866 to install a data manager and a live data screen to monitor the amount of electricity the Island’s solar panels are generating and how much energy visitors are using in Lihou House. The Trust has now received the final piece of equipment and the solar panels and data screens have been installed.

Lihou hosts overnight residential trips for Guernsey primary schools, as well as private groups and stays, all who will benefit from using the live data screens during their visits. Lihou Island is not connected to Guernsey’s network, instead using a solar photo voltaic system and battery storage.


“We are very grateful for the funding we have received from Guernsey Electricity as this has enabled us to complete our solar project. The panels will allow us to show data on how the house is using its solar power and be able to educate all school residentials, as well as private guests who stay on the Island.”

Steve Sarre, warden at Lihou Charitable Trust

Lihou screens 1

The data screens will help visitors to the house manage their electricity consumption


Guernsey Electricity is calling for all final entrants for the next round of the Power to the People fund which closes on 31 July 2021.

“We’re so pleased to see the progress over at Lihou Charitable Trust. The panels will be a great asset to the Island and will really bring to life the understanding of sustainable energy usage. This is aligned with Guernsey Electricity’s environmental sustainability strategy which focuses on affordable and clean energy.

Imogen Berryman, Guernsey Electricity


 Lihou panels

Lihou Island is not connected to Guernsey’s network, instead using a solar photo voltaic system and battery storage.

Applying to the fund

The fund, developed for individuals and charity organisations wishing to engage in projects that benefit the environment and local community, donates a total of £6,000 twice a year to projects that are aligned with the four pillars of the company’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy (affordable and clean energy, climate action, healthy ecosystems and education, awareness, and skills). These, in turn, contribute towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Entrants are asked to fill out an application form explaining where and how the fund will help their organisation. Applications for financial help will be accepted as well as applications for a donation of Guernsey Electricity’s time and skills.

For details of the Power to the People Fund and how to apply, please click here