Two transformers, currently situated at Les Amballes, that supply around 25% of the Island’s electricity, need replacing as part of Guernsey Electricity’s ongoing asset management programme. The new equipment to be installed will improve resilience in the local network and provide enhanced capacity to meet a more electric future.

The existing transformers cannot be replaced or upgraded in their existing location, which is within a residential complex, so a planning application is being submitted which will see the new equipment relocated to land east of Beau Sejour Leisure Centre. This site was found to be most appropriate following a thorough evaluation of potential sites which reviewed technical, safety and environmental considerations.

Stuart Blondel, Head of Asset Management at Guernsey Electricity, said, “The new equipment supplies around a third of our customers so this work is really important to ‘future-proof’ the supply of electricity on the island.

“This new location was found to be the most suitable option as it offers the least disruption to community activities and infrastructure whilst being appropriately positioned to be able to supply electricity to customers in the locality.”

The new transformers will be housed in a building within a secure compound which has been designed to be sympathetic to its surroundings. The Guernsey Electricity team has worked with Environment Guernsey to identify initiatives to support existing wildlife and encourage biodiversity to the surrounding area.

Mr Blondel added, “As a company, the need to consider and protect our environment forms a key part of any investment decision. For this project, the planting of native trees and plants, as well as installing birdboxes and bat boxes, will aim to increase the biodiversity to the local area and improve habitats for existing wildlife.”

The planning application is being submitted on 26 May and if granted, work will start in the autumn and will take approximately a year.