The fund, which was launched in 2020, donates £6,000 twice each year to projects that are aligned to the company’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy and contribute towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Financial awards are made to individuals, charities and local organisations who, through their work, benefit both the Island community and environment.  

Four submissions were successful in their bids for funding, and these comprise the National Trust, Guernsey Biological Records Centre, La Société Guernesiaise Conservation Herd and the Clean Earth Trust.

The National Trust has received £2,890 for the acquisition of innovative self-powered scythe to increase accessibility to its land for Islanders. The revolutionary kit will allow scrub to be cleared by its volunteers in a way that is sensitive and encouraging of biodiversity. As the third largest landowner in Guernsey, the National Trust hope that the scythe will improve accessibility for more islanders.  

£1,700 has been donated to the Biological Records Centre for its project to record and enhance public awareness of Eelgrass, which is an important habitat forming species found in the seas around the Island. The monies will be used to deploy a pilot study for alternative boat moorings systems which reduce the impact of traditional mooring chains and ropes on Eelgrass. The project will provide research to understand and help conserve the grasses which support a variety of species and is a natural carbon store.  

The Conservation Herd has received £500 for the purchase of food for the cattle.  The herd graze in open areas across the Island and play an important role in promoting the growth of native species and protects natural habitats and biodiversity.  


CET beach clean image

Finally, the Clean Earth Trust will use the £900 donation for the roll out of its kiosk based litter picking kits for beach goers to use, free of charge. The initiative will increase education and beach cleaning in a safe, accessible way whilst reducing the amount of littler that can find its way into the marine environment.   

Sally-Ann David, Guernsey Electricity’s Chief Operating Officer, said: 

“We have, once again, been amazed by not only the number of entries received for our second round of Power to the People Fund, but by the variety of worthwhile projects. It is clear there are many individuals, charities and groups across the Island who are passionate about the environment so we delighted to be able to support them.” 

This follows previous support Guernsey Electricity has rewarded earlier this year to The Repair Café, Societe Guernesiaise education officers, Lihou island’s renewable education project and The Bat Group. 

 Applications for the next Power to the People Fund will reopen later this year. for more information, click here.