The array consists of 45 panels and contributes up to 15kW of electricity to the network for all our customers to benefit from. This is in addition to the 343kW of capacity that has been installed at Longue Hougue Waste Transfer Station, Guernsey Post’s headquarters and Electricity House, some of the largest community scale solar facilities in the Channel Islands.

Since May 2020, the solar system at the King George Fifth community centre (KGV) has generated 10,350kWh. 

In cricket terms, this array has generated enough renewable energy to date to power over 1,700 televisions showing the ashes match which lasts for 6 hours a day over 5 days!  

As part of Guernsey Electricity’s ‘renewables for all’ approach, this local community investment allows every islander to benefit from locally produced solar energy.

In 2020, we published our climate change statement and five year Environmental Sustainability Strategy. This included a target of installing up to 20MW of community solar PV by 2050 which, depending on future demand and ever-evolving technological advances, is estimated to provide up to 10% of Guernsey’s annual electricity requirements.

Guernsey Electricity are open to discussing further potential installations for community scale renewable systems, which depend on generation potential, grid capacity and installation and maintenance requirements.