Travelling from Karlskrona, Sweden, the 140m vessel will arrive in Havelet in Guernsey Wednesday 4 September. It will then make its way to Greve de Lecq in Jersey while undertaking a pre-lay grapnel run (PLGR); this will clear the seabed in readiness for the new subsea cable to be laid in early October.

Guernsey Electricity project manager Sharon Watchorn said: “Replacing the existing cable, which failed in October 2018, will return Guernsey to importing 90% of its electricity from sustainable sources in France. As with the existing link, the new cable will come ashore at Greve de Lecq and Havelet Bay. We can assure Islanders that the route has been carefully evaluated to ensure minimal impact on marine users and to optimise cable burial.

“The PLGR is an essential element of the project as it allows the route to be cleared so the cable can be laid safely and efficiently.”

NKT Victoria is one of the world´s most advanced and fuel efficient cable-laying vessels and will return to the Islands in early October to complete the installation. The existing cable will be switched off and Guernsey’s electricity generated through the Vale power station.

The new cable, which is 37.4km long and weighs 77kg per metre, is part of the infrastructure connecting Guernsey to France via Jersey.

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