Stuart will oversee Guernsey Electricity’s wide range of commercial activities as well as taking a strategic focus to ensure the business is prepared and at the forefront of supporting the energy transition to a low carbon future, helping the Island to deliver its goal for net zero carbon emissions.


Since joining Guernsey Electricity in 2002 as a bursary student while studying for a degree in mechanical engineering, Stuart has held various roles within the company through front line engineering operations, infrastructure planning, energy market analysis and now into commercial operations and business strategy. Most recently he held the position of head of asset management for nearly five years. After graduating he worked at an engineering design consultancy firm working for the petrochemical industry in Glasgow before returning to Guernsey and re-joining Guernsey Electricity.


Stuart Blondel said: ‘I’m looking forward to a new focus that concentrates on the demand side of our electricity system – the way electricity is used by our customers, as this will come to define the future of our electricity market.


‘In recent years I have focussed my attention on emerging energy technologies and changing electricity markets across the world that could potentially contribute to Guernsey’s energy future. There are many opportunities for our community to take advantage of as we transform the local energy market and fulfil our commitment to being completely supplied by renewable and sustainable energy.’ 


Guernsey Electricity CEO Alan Bates said: ‘Stuart brings a wealth of experience in the electricity industry across a range of technical and commercial disciplines, giving him a unique appreciation of the alignment between strategy, operations and how the business needs to develop for the future.

The energy transition is a key strategic focus for Guernsey Electricity as we seek to become and remain first choice for energy in the decarbonised energy future which Guernsey aspires to achieve. Stuart’s role is pivotal in ensuring we are able to deliver appropriate solutions that deliver energy in a fair and equitable way for all Islanders.’