This means that the Island’s electricity is now being provided wholly by renewable sources from Europe and our local community solar arrays.

When electricity demand is at its greatest, in colder winter months at peak periods, the GJ1 import cable alone does not meet the Island's electricity needs. It can provide 75% of Guernsey’s electricity needs so the power station is still required as both a top-up and back-up source of electricity.

However, in the Summer, it can provide 100% of Guernsey’s electricity needs so the power station is only required to act as a back-up for security of supplies in emergencies.

To ensure that the generators are ready to operate when required, periodic routine testing is required in the summer which is why Islanders may see the power station running in the summer months.


May 2021 elec sourcesIn May, the power station was only used for testing.


The future of the power station

Longer-term, Guernsey Electricity is committed to providing the island with 100% renewable and sustainable electricity with the installation of a second cable direct to France.

A second cable would provide secure, sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable electricity but also grid stability and support for more locally generated renewable energy. This second cable would mean that the power station will no longer need to ‘top-up’ supplies at any time in the year and will act purely as a secondary ‘back-up’ for emergencies.