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The Channel Islands Electricity Grid

We import around 90% of Guernsey's electricity from renewable sources from Europe via a network of subsea cables. This network is operated and managed by The Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG), a joint company set up in 1998 between Guernsey Electricity and Jersey Electricity.

The CIEG provides sustainable renewable electricity to the Channel Islands energy mix and therefore provides greater security, and reduces the impact of the world fuel oil markets.

In 2000 the CIEG, funded their first cable, the 100MW Normandie 2 known as N2, and the 60MW Guernsey to Jersey cable, known as GJ1.

There can be no doubt that the installation of the cable in 2000 transformed Guernsey’s electricity supply. Prior to this the power station, in St Sampson, operated continuously, generating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In 2017/18 Guernsey imported 86% of its electricity.

In 2015 the CIEG installed a third connection to France, the 100MW Normandie 3 cable and then in 2016 the original Jersey to France cable installed in the 1980’s, was replaced with what is now known as Normandie 1 and also rated at 100MW

These subsea cables give both Guernsey and Jersey greater security and better affordability, as they will give the islands the opportunity to increase the amount of imported energy. Long term agreements with Electricité de France ensure the imported electricity is low carbon with 30% coming from La Rance Barrage.

Information for mariners

Mariners who wish to learn more about the location of the cables should read the document here.

A new direct cable to France

Guernsey Electricity is pursuing a direct connection to France outside of the CIEG network. The proposed Guernsey France 1 (GF1, or GeM) cable is likely to be specified as 100MW and will require a new substation in Guernsey, and connections into the electricity grids in both France and Guernsey. Click here for more information on this second link. 


CIEG GJ1 Highlighted