We’ll have a team at our stand to explain Guernsey Electricity’s work as a long-term environmental enabler for the island. If you’ve got a question, for example, about the commissioning of more efficient engines at the power station, the development of a cable network with France to import low carbon electricity or the installation of hundreds of solar panels at the power station, just ask.

Our head of asset Stuart Blondel, who is leading the company’s electric vehicle and renewable strategies, environmental specialist Alex Herschel and John Sexton, head of generation, will be on hand to answer questions. As an island business, Guernsey Electricity recognises the importance of engaging with the community and the Health Show  is an opportunity to do this.

We’re also sponsoring a series of talks aimed at promoting health and wellbeing during the family and community event. The Health Show conference is a new feature of the annual event, and Guernsey Electricity is proud to support it as the company is committed to health and wellbeing for the island and its employees.

The inspirational talks will cover a range of topics including the importance of sleep and dreaming, an introduction to natural nutrition plus pain, mental health and lifestyle.

Beyond the Health Show, Guernsey Electricity supports health and well-being in the island in a number of ways. Find out more about the wide range of youth and community engagement initiatives supported by Guernsey Electricity.

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