We are committed to providing an affordable and sustainable energy supply for our island community. We put the environment and our customers at the heart of our business

All the electricity we import is purchased from renewable sources. 


We're leading change in the energy sector to reach net-zero carbon and working with homeowners and businesses to find sustainable solutions. 


The right tariff for you

We offer a range of tariffs designed to suit different lifestyles and to meet your electricity needs, for lighting and heating your home or office, and everything else that needs power. 

Don't know where to start when it comes to tariffs? We can help you find the tariff that works best for you 

Save money, save the planet

If we use less energy, less needs to be generated. Put simply, energy efficiency helps tackle climate change and will reduce your bill. 

Plug into renewables

Join the thousands of islanders who have already switched to electric heating and build a better future