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Energy Calculator

How much are you paying to use your appliances? Our Energy Calculator can give an idea of how much you're spending in your home.

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Low Rate £0.00
Tariffs Explained

Standard Rate - On this tariff you are paying the same price-per-unit for electricity used 24-hours a day (i.e. single rate for all units consumed)

Economy 12 - This tariff is divided into two 'timeband' rates according to the time of day you use your electricity. For example, you may pay a lower rate between 22:07 - 08:07 and 14:35 and 16:35, with the remaining hours charged at 'normal' rate.  

Energy Efficiency Calculator

All appliances include a figure advising how much energy it uses, either in Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW). If the rating is in kW, multiply the figure by 1,000 and enter this into the calculator. These appliances include electric storage and panel heaters, but not any heating systems that use our Superheat Tariff

Enter the approximate amount of time you spend using the appliance in minutes (e.g. 120 minutes for 2-hours). This will tell you how much money you're likely to spend using the appliance on our  Economy12 Tariff and Standard Tariff.

Do you know which tariff you're on? Find this on your statement under Transaction Type. 

Your bill explained