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Energy Calculator

How much does it cost you to use your appliances? Use our calculator below to find out.

Normal Rate £0.00
Low Rate £0.00
Appliance ratings

All appliances have a rating which indicates how much energy it uses. This is usually found on the base of the appliance or just inside the door on larger items. This is either written in Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW). If it is in kW, multiply the figure by 1,000 and then enter into the calculator.

You can see some example ratings for typical appliances in the table below.

Minutes in use

Enter the approximate amount of time you spend using the appliance in minutes (e.g. 120 minutes for 2 hours).


Your statement will tell you what type of tariff you are on. Click here to see where to find this. 

Economy 12- This tariff is divided into two 'timeband' rates according to the time of day you use your electricity. The time of day these timebands apply are set and often vary between households. Please call our customer service team on 01481 200700 if you are an Economy 12 customer and would like to check your timebands for low and normal rates.

Standard Tariff - On this tariff you are paying the same price-per-unit for electricity used 24-hours a day (i.e. it is the same single rate for all units consumed).

This calculator can be used for electric storage and panel heaters, but not any heating systems that use our Superheat Tariff.

Example Appliance Ratings
Item Power Rating W
Dishwasher 1500
Tumble Dryer 2500
Washing Machine 2500
Kettle 3000
Electric Shower 9000
Heated Towel Rail 250