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Vulnerable Customers

We offer additional services for vulnerable customers. If you would like to be included on this register please get in touch.

We endeavour to provide vulnerable customer services free of charge, if however a charge has to be made, customers will be informed of any charge in advance so the customer can make an informed decision.

We offer special services to customers on this register to help them manage their electricity charges.

For more information about our special services call us on 01481 200700 or email 


How to identify our employees

Staff Card

Our representative will always carry their identity card. This card includes the Guernsey Electricity logo, the name of the employee, their department and job title together with their photo and signature.

If you are at all suspicious that the caller is not genuine, DO NOT LET THEM IN. Call us on 01481 200700 or call the police.

All the Meter Readers, fixers and technicians wear uniforms.  However, there are some of our representatives who do not wear a uniform, and may not arrive in a vehicle with our company logo, but they will all have an identity card.

If you are on our register you can also ask the Meter Reader for your reference number. This is found at the top right hand corner of all of your bills.

We can also arrange for the Meter Reader to quote a password chosen by you. You will need to contact our Customer Accounts section on 01481 200700 to arrange this. They will be happy to record a password of your choice which will be passed only to our representatives should they need to call.


When we will call

Our representatives work Monday to Friday.  Appointments can be made between 8am and 4pm. If you have a request outside these times we will always try to accommodate you. However, if we are making calls where we do not need access to your premises we sometimes work outside these times.    


Bill forwarding

We understand that sometimes you may be a little forgetful. If you are worried about this we can arrange to contact a person nominated by you should you forget to pay your bill. We can also arrange that all correspondence from us is forwarded straight to a nominated person.


Form filling

If there is any reason why we request that you fill in one of our forms, our Customer Accounts department will be pleased to fill in the form for you while you are on the telephone. We will then post you the form for your signature.


Talking Bills

Should you have difficulty seeing or understanding our bills you can register for our talking bills service. One of our representatives will phone you when your bill is produced and let you know how much your bill is and when it is to be paid by. If you wish you can phone us when you have the bill and we will explain any queries you may have.


Reading your meter

If it is hard for you to read your meter because it is an awkward place we may move the meter free of charge if a suitable place can be found nearby. If a charge has to be made we will inform you of any charges in advance so you can make an informed decision.


Using electricity efficiently

We encourage all of our customers to use energy responsibly and have a number of simple tips to help you be more energy efficient.

Our money saving tips can be found on our Energy Efficiency page.


Special arrangements

If you require any special arrangements, which are not covered here, please feel free to discuss them with our Customer Accounts department. They will consider any requests and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Special controls and adaptors

There are a number of controls and adaptors available to make it easier to use electrical appliances. You can get more information by calling or writing to:

Guernsey Disability Alliance, Health Information Exchange, Beau Sejour, Amherst, St Peter Port, GY1 2DH

Telephone: 07781 467316