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Greener Home

How can switching to electric heating help improve your carbon footprint?

By switching your home heating from fossil-fuel powered systems (oil and gas) to electricity, you'll be doing your bit to be greener as over 85% of our electricity is imported from guaranteed lower-carbon sources. 

Guernsey Electricity imports our electricity from France via an undersea cable, GJ1. Our energy mix is made up of 33% certified hydropower, 53% nuclear and 14% generated locally at our power station.*

Our Solar Panel array at the power station generates electricity for the benefit of the whole community. 

We are able to reduce emissions locally, resulting in better air quality for the island. Our levels are already low compared to the UK and we are working on reducing them further by 2050 in support of Government aspirations. 


*As at 31 March 2018

Greener Home