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Electric Boilers

Electric heating - economical, 100% efficient and safe. All energy input is converted to heat, without any lost in waste gases.

Why Choose an Electric Boiler?

Electric boilers are an excellent alternative to a gas or oil boiler to run traditional radiator-based central heating or 'wet' underfloor systems. 

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Boiler Products
Fusion Comet Electric Boiler

Dimension: 710mm h x 418mm w x 251mm d

Weight: 25kg 

The EHC Fusion Comet Boiler features outputs of 6kW to 14.4kW and is virtually silent in operation. They can provide central heating only, central heating and hot water with the Twin Channel Heat Pack, and underfloor heating. Although recommended, there is no mandatory maintenance required and are 100% efficient throughout their lifetime. 

The 6 stage heating is powered via low voltage control connections with integral system diagnostics. Easy-fit connectors and sensors and an in-built fault-finding diagnostic make these the easy switch decision. 

Watch the video 


Fusion Comet Electric Boiler



Slimjim Electric Flow Boiler

Dimension: 912mm h x 203mm w x 172mm d

Weight: 11kg 

The EHC Slimjim Electric Flow Boiler's output is 4kW to 14.4kW and works virtually in silence. These boilers are suitable for central heating only, central heating and hot water using the Boiler Heat Packs, and underfloor heating. Although recommended, these boilers require no mandatory maintenance and are 100% efficient throughout their lifetime. 

Watch the video


Slim Jim Electric Flow Boiler


Electric Boiler FAQ
How do electric boilers work? 

Electric boilers are very simple and work in the same way as a kettle, heating water that passes over an element. They can come in a variety of different types and there are options that are identical in shape and size to a gas or oil boiler. With few moving parts they are exceptionally quiet and low-maintenance. 


Which Tariff will my Electric Boiler Run On? 

Our Superheat Tariff is available 24-hours a day for electric boilers, underfloor heating  and panel heaters. 


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Are electric boilers difficult to install? 

Because electric boilers heat the water directly without any flammable fuel, they don't produce any exhaust gases and therefore no flue is needed. This means they can be positioned almost anywhere so installation is very straightforward. The lack of any flames and potentially dangerous also means there are fewer building regulations to comply with which can save time as well as space. 


Will they work with existing radiators or underfloor systems?

With the majority of heating systems, all the existing pipework and hardware can be kept, all the way down to the controllers - though you may wish to upgrade to a new 'smart' controller - so it's often a case of taking your old boiler out and simply fitting a new one in its place.

Some homes may require a separate water heater installed. This can be in place of an existing immersion heater, but if there isn't already a cylinder in use, our advisers can find the best place to install one with minimal impact. For completely new systems, we can advise on both radiator-basedunderfloor or a combination of both to ensure you get the very best from your electric boiler. 


What are the benefits? 

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