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Electric Heating

Help us build a greener future for Guernsey

Switching to electric heating is part of our island's vision to decarbonise and protect our environment for the future.

Make a positive change in your home

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With electric heating, the energy you need is delivered to your door, 24/7, on demand, when you need it. 

Switching from Oil?

Leave oil behind. Breathe cleaner air around your property and enjoy more outdoor space for the things you love. 

Oil boilers will always be less than 100% efficient and this will reduce further as the boiler ages. Electric heating is also far more convenient. Throw away that fuel monitor and carbon monoxide detector, and say goodbye to fuel delivery trucks, oil tank regulations, tank maintenance, and risk of oil spills. 

Oil heating has been around for decades. Electric offers us modern heating systems that deliver the same heat, with lower risk. And there is no need for a tank in your precious outdoor space.

Customers who've switched from oil to electric heating now emit 80% less carbon, with the average household saving around 4 tonnes of carbon from entering our atmosphere each year. As an oil boiler's efficiency decreases with age, these carbon emission would only increase.

Switching from Gas? 

Leave LPG behind. Unlike in the UK, gas is more expensive to run than electric heating. Electric offers us modern heating solutions that deliver sustainable heat and cost far less to run.

It could cost an electric heating customer around 30% less to heat their home when they switch from gas to electric. Our heating specialists can demonstrate how much you could save in heating running costs against your current gas system. 

Customers who've switched from gas to electric heating now emit 75% less carbon, with the average household saving around 3 tonnes of carbon from entering our atmosphere each year. As a gas boiler's efficiency decreases with age, these carbon emissions would only increase. 

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Heating is where energy demands are greatest.

Combustion of fossil-fuel for home heating contributes a substantial amount of the island's emissions.

A property heated by electricity is an attractive investment that saves money through superior energy-efficiency.

It's better for our environment and reduces local air pollution for a healthier family living space.

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100% of imported electricity is from renewable sources 

Electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro power is imported to Guernsey from France using our subsea cable.

By using electric heating, you can plug into renewables and say goodbye to burning fossil-fuels in your own home or business. 

Our heating specialists make switching easy

Our energy advisers listen to your needs, putting you in control and connecting your home with the latest technology. 

As part of our free home survey, we will advise on the best options with minimal disruption. We'll help you understand your individual property heat loss to help maximise your heating options and save money. 

How is Heat Loss Calculated? 

Our experienced energy sales team will visit your home and take measurements of all your room, window sizes and doors. During the visit they will, where possible, determine the construction of walls, floors and roofs, as well as the type of window glazing - single, double, etc. 

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There are many ways you can make the switch and help benefit our island 

Switch out your boiler

Often there's no need to replace radiators or other system components. Electric boilers can simply replace gas or oil boilers, however it is important to have the correctly-sized boiler for your property.

A good electric heating installer will always conduct a heat loss calculation to make sure you've got the right boiler for your property.  

Learn more about the electric boilers we can offer. 

Increase efficiency with an Air Source Heat Pump 

Electric heating is practically 100% efficient but can potentially offer efficiencies as high as 300% via an Air Source Heat Pump.

In contrast, oil, gas and solid fuel heating will always be less than 100% efficient when heat is lost during the conversion from fuel to heat. 

Our team are qualified to offer the latest technology to reduce your carbon footprint and increase efficiency. 

Learn more about Air Source Heat Pumps 

Electricity is 4x lower carbon than gas and oil

Comparison of lifetime intensity of heat sources

The carbon intensity of different heat sources has been compared in the table below.

This includes the use of GEL's electricity to power an Air Source Heat Pump, compared to the emissions intensity of using LPG and heating oil for heating purposes.

Lifetime intensity: These figures take into account the whole energy production chain. This includes exploration, extraction, processing, storage, transport, transformation into secondary fuels, final use, and disposal. 

The Guernsey Electricity's mix for the forecasted emissions intensity of GEL's electricity in 2020/21 includes an assumprion based on the proportion of electricity generated by each energy source (oil and renewable imports) in 2019/20. For the forecast calculations for 2020, a mix of 50% offshore wind and 50% onshore wind has been assumed to replace nuclear energy.

*References: GEL sought independent advice from UK Carbon Emissions Specialists, WSP, in identifying the IPCC figures used in this note.
Heating source verification 
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One room at a time

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If you're looking for a system that is safe, simple to use, and has both low installation and running costs, then storage and panel heaters could be ideal for you.

Whether you're extending or upgrading, these heaters also offer the flexibility of replacing an entire heating system or taking it one unit at a time, whichever suits you best. 

They can also be combined with an electric hot water cylinder to provide a fully-automated, central heating system that is pipe-free, fuss-free, and worry-free. 

Learn more about electric radiators

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Customer quote

Spread the cost affordably

Leave fossil-fuels behind with hassle-free finance.

Once you have accepted our quote, just complete a short form and we'll take care of the rest. Finance is provided by Cherry Godfrey Finance Limited and is subject to Terms & Conditions.

Please discuss your individual requirements with our energy sales executive. Please note your bespoke quote will depend on your property's heat loss according to its size and thermal insulation. 


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