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If you're looking for a system that is safe, simple to use and has both low installation and running costs, then storage heaters and panel heaters could be ideal for you.

Why choose Storage and Panel Heaters?

If you're looking for a system that is safe, simple to use and has both low installation and running costs, then storage heaters and panel heaters could be ideal for you.

Whether you're extending or upgrading, these heaters also offer the flexibility of replacing an entire heating system or taking it one unit at a time, whichever suits you best. 

They can also be combined with an electric hot water cylinder to provide a fully automated, central heating system that is pipe-free, fuss-free, and worry-free. 

How do Storage Heaters Work?

Storage heaters store thermal energy by heating up during the night, when lower rate electricity is available. Over a number of hours, the elements gradually transfer the heat to a very high-density material that absorbs and stores the heat for use the next day.

The heaters use high levels of insulation material to retain as much of this heat for as long as possible so the heat can be gradually released into the room in a controlled way over the course of the day. In the case of smart fan-assisted models such as Quantumalmost all of the heat is retained until it is required. 

There are a variety of different storage heaters available. The type that you choose will depend on the level of control you want, the energy efficiency of the room to be heated, and your budget. Most modern storage heaters have a built-in thermostat which automatically controls the amount of thermal energy stored according to the room's temperature but in addition there are: 

  1. Automatic Combination Storage Heaters - combine a storage heater and an electric convection heater in one casing. The convection heater can be used for a boost of warmth if needed. 
  2. Fan-assisted Storage Heaters - these have more than double the insulation of standard storage heaters and incorporate a silent fan
  3. Quantum Storage Heaters - most advanced on the market, with an LCD control panel that allows you to customise heating programmes to suit your lifestyle, delivering heat only when needed. 

For help on how to set up your storage heaters, please see the following links for guides on the Dimplex range:

Dimplex XLS & CXLS Storage Heater guide

Dimplex DUO Storage Heater guide

Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater guide

How do Panel Heaters Work?

Panel heaters use convection which works by warming the air above the heater, which then rises and displaces the cooler air above it, creating an air current which distributes hot air through the room.

They provide almost instant heat and are a perfect solution for smaller rooms as well as those rooms you occupy less frequently or use for short periods of time, such as box rooms, dressing rooms and studies. 

If you're interested in storage or panel heaters to heat part or all of your home, our friendly Sales Team will be happy to provide you with all the help and advice you need to make sure you get a system that is right for you. 

What are the Benefits of Storage and Panel Heaters?

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