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Electric Boilers

Cleaner and more efficient heating for your home
powered by 93% renewables


Why choose an electric boiler?


What is an electric boiler? 

Electric boilers are an excellent alternative to a gas or oil boiler. They heat hot water for your heating system using only electricity. 

Electric vs gas or oil 

Electric boilers are fairly simple pieces of technology. Unlike gas or oil boilers, they don’t burn fossil fuels, so there’s no need for a flue or gas pipe. That means they don’t need a lot of space and can therefore be placed almost anywhere in a property. They’re almost 100% efficient as very little heat is lost in the process of heating water and they’re exceptionally quiet. 


They tend to be easier to install and they obviously don’t need a Gas Safe engineer. The simplicity of the system and the installation process means that the overall cost of installation is usually much less than a gas boiler. If switching systems, most radiators and underfloor heating systems can be easily converted to electricity from oil or gas, saving replacement costs. Plus, most home electric heating systems can be easily managed through a home hub, reducing waste, increasing efficiency, saving both the planet and your running cost. 


Advanatages of an electric boiler?