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Why Switch?

Help our island decarbonise and build a greener future

A fossil-fuel boiler installed today could be polluting our air for the next 15-20 years. Electric heating could be 100% renewable in less than half that time. We no longer need to rely solely on inconvenient fossil-fuels to heat our homes. And that makes a real difference.


Fuel delivery

Electricity is delivered straight to your door, on demand, 24/7. That means you can finally say goodbye to ugly oil tanks, gas cylinders, and fuel deliveries in your precious outdoor space. And if you heat using solid fuels, you won't have to worry about having enough wood or coal to stay warm. 

Fuel monitoring

The fuel needed to power your all-electric home comes through underground cables and internal wiring. That means you'll never need to monitor your fuel usage again. And as no emissions are produced by your property, there's no need for carbon monoxide detectors or flues. 

Energy efficiency 

Electricity challenges the perception that you need to burn something to produce heat.

It's 100%-efficient technology means that almost every single watt of electricity you pay for is converted to heat, so there is no waste and no long warm-up time. A microchip physically controls the heating functions, meaning optimum warmth for minimum energy consumption. 

One energy bill

When you pay your electricity bill, that'll cover your lighting, power, and also your heating. We have several methods of easy payment including standing order and direct debit. This takes the hassle out of manually paying your bill and helps with household budget planning 

Smart technology 

Plug into renewables and integrate your property with the future of smarter, greener technology.

Your lifestyle will decide how you need to heat your home. If you have a regular routine, you can set timers for the heating to come on when you need it. And if you come and go, use a smartphone app to set your heating remotely and make sure your home is warm according to your schedule. 

Modern electric heating is designed to automatically adjust according to your individual needs and is highly responsive to changes in external temperature. It can precisely match what you need, when you need it.

Some products can monitor the weather, responding to changing climate conditions and adjusting the temperature needed to heat your home efficiently. For example Open Window technology will automatically reduce the output of your heating to prevent heat loss if a window is left open, saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment.

An Eco Start function uses self-learning technology which learns thermal characteristics of a room to calculate how long the heating needs to operate to reach the target temperature based on room size, heat loss, and weather.

Often your heating can be used as a whole-house system alongside other products such as panel radiators, heated towel rails and heat pump cylinders.

Property value smart heating

The Bigger Picture

The smartest and most effective way to save energy is to insulate your property.

A good quality insulation will reduce the volume of heat lost from your property. This means less warm air escaping into the atmosphere, and less money spent replacing that lost heat. 

Your heat loss calculation will show how much heat your property loses. Combining insultation with heating powered by renewable energy will help support a healthier environment, reduce your bills, and has the potential to increase the value of your property. 

Investing in high quality, energy efficient appliances will also help support a cleaner environment by reducing water usage, energy consumption, and landfill waste. 

Climate change is a global challenge. You can help make a difference from your own home by choosing to switch to electric heating. 

Lifecycle Intensity comparison graph

This chart represents the total amount of carbon in tonnes generated from each source of heating. 

The average household* might save around 3 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere when switching from gas, or 4 tonnes when switching from oil central heating. 

A recent Guernsey study found electric heating to be 4x lower carbon than gas and oil. Most importantly, it takes into account the lifecycle of the production chain - this includes exploration, extraction, processing, storage, transport, transformation into secondary fuels, final use, and disposal. 


*During a home survey, the individual heat loss of a property is calculated to understand how large the electric boiler needs to be. 

Cleaner air 

The air we breathe is so important for our health and environment. 

When you switch from oil, gas or solid fuel to electric heating, your property will no longer emit greenhouse gases through flues and chimneys. That means cleaner, healthier air for you and your loved ones to breathe. 

Heating using solid fuels? Domestic air pollution is usually thought of in terms of exhaust fumes from vehicles. But a principal form of indoor air pollution is Particulate Matter (PM), produced by open fires. That means burning solid fuels such as coal and wood in our homes has a significant effect on both indoor and outdoor air quality, which might have implications for our health. 

Electric heating produces no emissions at point of use, which means no dangerous pollutants inside your home or in your outdoor living space. And if you grow food or have animals grazing close by, you're safe in the knowledge that they're absorbing no pollution from your fossil-fuel heating.  

Guernsey cows


Like a car engine, a fossil-fuel boiler will cost even more to run as it loses efficiency over time. With good quality maintenance, an electric boiler will remain 100% efficient throughout its lifetime, helping you budget and save money long term. 

A new gas or boiler could be just 91% efficient. This is because of the energy lost while converting Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or oil to valuable home heating. Electric heating is practically 100% efficient, which means that for every £1 spent, you'll receive £1 worth of heat.

Gas is the most expensive heating type in Guernsey; it could cost an electric heating customer over 40% less to heat their home when they switch to electric. 

And if you heat with solid fuel, the quality of the fuel will impact the heat content and volume of ash. This could mean spending more on better quality fuel to heat your home to a comfortable temperature. 

With no fuel to burn at point of use, electric heating emits no carbon emissions and no energy is wasted. 


Carbon Intensity

Customers who switched from fossil-fuel to electric heating will emit around 80% less carbon.

And when the second importation cable is installed in the mid-2020s, electricity will be 10x lower carbon. This second cable will supply 100% of the island's electricity needs with 100% renewable energy. 

Each home heated by electricity will help Guernsey decarbonise and play a significant role in protecting our environment for the future. 

Find out more about our recent study 

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