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Air Source Heat Pumps

With the lowest running costs and lowest carbon emissions, an Air Source Heat Pump is great solution for boosting your heating efficiency.

Air Source Heat Pumps
Watch this video for a quick summary 

By tapping into the inexhaustible supply of energy stored in the air, heat pumps can supply much more energy than they consume.

They can help reduce our reliance on fossil-fuels as most of the energy needed for heating is extracted from the environment. And only a small amount of electricity is required to drive the heat pump’s compressor, 90% of which comes from renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar power. 

For every 1 kilowatt of electricity used to run the heat pump, up to 3 kilowatts of useful heat is provided, giving it an efficiency of up to 300%. That can mean savings of up to 74% when compared to traditional fossil-fuel heating. 

Air Source Heat Pumps


Taking into account the entire production chain, an electric Air Source Heat Pump has the lowest carbon intensity of any heating source.

GEL sought independent advice from UK Carbon Emissions Specialists, WSP, in identifying the IPCC figures used in the graph below. 

The figures represent tonnes of carbon emitted from each heating source and demonstrates the volume of greenhouse gas emissions each Air Source Heat Pump customer will reduce. 'GEL Mix' refers to Guernsey Electricity's mix of renewable energy and on-island generation at the Vale power station. 

Reduction in carbon emissions:

LPG (Gas): 86%

Heating Oil: 90%


Lifecycle Intensity comparison graph

Renewable Energy

A new oil or gas boiler installed today could be emitting greenhouse gases for the next 15-20 years. Our electricity could be 100% renewable in less than half that time.

Air Source Heat Pumps need a small amount of electricity to run the system. In Guernsey, over 90% of our electricity is imported from renewable sources in France including hydro, wind and solar power. 

Longer term, Guernsey Electricity is committed to providing the island with 100% renewable and sustainable electricity with the installation of a further cable direct to France, supplemented by community scale locally generated renewable electricity using solar arrays. 

We are aiming to have a 100MW direct cable link to France installed by the mid-2020's. 

The benefit of two cable links will help meet the Island’s demand for secure, sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable electricity. 

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