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Battery Storage

Designed to help reduce your energy bill and support Guernsey's electricity grid, Powervault is the intelligent battery system for the modern smart home.

Powervault is the smart battery system that can be installed in your garage in under 2 hours.
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What is battery storage technology?

A small-scale battery installed in your property that can be charged using low-rate electricity from the grid, or renewable energy such as solar for use at a later point in time.

For example, on a sunny day a solar PV system may generate more energy than a property needs. If the following two days are cloudy, the solar panels may not generate enough. Battery storage takes the stress out of these inconsistencies and gives you the flexibility to store excess energy to use when you need it. 

How does it work?

The Powervault works like a giant smart-phone battery. As electricity is generated from your roof-top solar panels, or your supply of electricity from the grid, the Powervault battery  stores this energy to use later.  

The hybrid converter has two DC-inputs that connect directly to your solar system to give you a more secure supply of electricity. If your solar inverter system were ever to fail, you can rely on the Powervault to take its place, saving you money. 

Watch this video for a technical overview

Does it use second-life batteries?

Guernsey Electricity supply the Powervault 3eco System which uses recycled, second-life batteries from electric cars and also comes with a 3-year warranty.

This is a cheaper alternative to the Powervault 3 system, and has the added benefit of a more sustainable, healthy conscience.

Why would I want to use it in my home?

A Powervault is ideal for anyone with a solar PV system or those wanting to store low-rate electricity from the grid. 

Adding a battery to your property allows you to enjoy more of the power you generate at times you need it most. You can store solar energy to use when it’s dark, or charge up your electric car on low-rate electricity.

The online Powervault Portal will show you what you’re using anytime, anywhere. It monitors charging, discharging, solar generation and energy usage in multiple properties over time in easy-to-understand graphs. 

How does it help Guernsey's electricity grid?

Guernsey Electricity monitor the grid network 24/7 to make sure there's enough electricity for everyone.

At peak times, such as colder winter evenings or when many of us return home from work and start cooking dinner, Guernsey's power station acts as a top up. 

Battery storage helps balance these peaks in customer energy demand. This means owners of small-scale batteries are helping balance the electricity grid, ultimately reducing reliance on the power station without needing to lift a finger.

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