Additional load or New Supply?

Whether you are a domestic, commercial or industrial customer, or whether you need a new electricity supply, change or increase your existing one, or connect private renewable energy sources, we are here to help.
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If you need a new a new supply, or additional load and/or alterations to your current supply, whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary electricity connection, we're here to help. Electric car charging points 3.6kW or above will also require an additional load application.

Submit an ALF

If you are installing an electric car charging point 3.6kW or under, you do not need to submit an additional load form and just need to register the charger. 


  • additional electricity load application

    Apply now

    Please complete this application form when applying for a new electrical service, additional load and/or existing service alteration and return to or post to:  Guernsey Electricity,  FREEPOST,  GY1 5SS  

    Please be aware that an additional load application is required for electric car charging points exceeding 3.6kW. 

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    Low Voltage Connections

    For information on Guernsey Electricity's requirements for connection onto the low voltage electricity network, please see this guide.

What is additional load?

In Guernsey, properties receive electricity through an underground supply line cable that is connected to the wider electricity grid. Similar to a plug extension in your home, there is a finite supply of electricity ("capacity") available on the cable and more electrical installations demand more from the supply line cable. 

Nobody can tell just by looking at the ground how much capacity there might be to supply a property. This is why an ‘additional load application’ is sent by an installer to Guernsey Electricity each time electrical work is requested. This includes (but not limited to) electric heating upgrades, a car charging unit (above 3.6kW) or re-wiring for an extension. An engineer will need to establish how much capacity you currently have, and how much extra you will need to properly meet your needs. Nobody wants a heating system that only works when everyone else has got their appliances switched off.

  • private generation EE40 application

    Private Generation

    If you are considering the connection of private generation including renewable energy generation from solar, wind or other sources, please submit an EE40 application.

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    Frequently asked questions

    We have compile a document with additional information on services, inspections and additional load applications.

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