The Health and Safety Executive in Guernsey (HSE) are working towards adopting these changes in 2020, offering clearer guidance to Construction Professionals on how to discharge their duties under the Health and Safety at Work (General) (Guernsey) Ordinance 1987 in this dynamic and evolving industry.

Expert Dave Jackson, health and safety services consultant at Faithful+Gould, will provide insight into the CDM 2015, instigating discussion on nuances in the UK and Jersey Construction Industries and how Guernsey can be engaged in the development of its own CDM legislation.

Paul Le Tissier, planning & design lead for Guernsey Electricity, said: ‘Guernsey Electricity adopts the principles of CDM 2015 and we hope to see tighter integration across the industry as a result of the revised Guernsey Construction Approved Code of Practice. The current code was agreed in 1996, so we have the opportunity to improve standards across the industry and improve safety standards for all Construction Projects.

‘This is a specialist event and we hope that interested parties will take the opportunity to join the discussion into driving up standards in the Construction Industry and ensuring local legislation is fit for purpose.’

The course takes place on Wednesday 27th March at Les Roquettes Hotel and tickets are now on sale for £75, lunch will be provided.

Tickets can be bought here