The company’s latest annual report sets out highlights of community initiatives, such as teaming up with the St Peter’s Floral Group to support its ‘From seed to soup’ project to teach young people about growing tomatoes the old-fashioned way. Guernsey Electricity employees also got involved by clearing the greenhouse where the tomatoes were being grown.

Employees have volunteered to clean litter from Bordeaux Beach and lay hardcore and soil on the Dunes at Richmond to support the island’s environment. Guernsey Electricity’s most recent annual calendar also raised more than £1,500 for Wigwam, a local charity that supports families with children and young people with additional needs.

More than £3,000 has also been distributed to projects benefitting parishioners in the Vale and St Sampson’s through the Guernsey Electricity Community Fund, which is administered by its community liaison group.

Funding was provided to Vale Primary School for a new outdoor learning space and to St Mary & St Michael School to help upgrade their school library. The 5th Guernsey Scouts had help to pay for renovations to their hut, while the GO2 Charity Shop was given funding to improve the garden behind the shop for its employees.

‘To ensure that Guernsey Electricity is a responsible member of the island’s community, we have undertaken a series of initiatives. We are also grateful to our colleagues for their sterling voluntary work in making such a positive difference,’ said Alan Bates, the company’s chief executive officer.

He added: ‘We also appreciate the work of our community liaison group, which represents the community that works near or lives by the Vale power station. Liaison group members include neighbours, business representatives, deputies and a representative from Environmental Health. They have supported a variety of good causes.’